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Middle School

Forming Independent and Confident Learner

Trinity prides itself on providing a premier Middle School experience for Fifth through Eighth Grade students. Our multisensory, brain-based interdisciplinary curriculum is specifically designed to address the unique needs of middle school students. Teachers create a supportive classroom environment that balances increased privileges with responsibility, providing students with the confidence needed to reach their full potential. Away from the pressures of a high school setting, Middle School students develop academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually at an age-appropriate pace.

Trinity recognizes that the Middle School years are ones of great challenge and distinction. Students are becoming more independent and learning to bridge the span between childhood and adulthood, all while undergoing more extensive physical, mental, and social changes than at any other time in their lives. Attitudes and values developed during these years can largely determine their later behavior. Trinity's Middle School strives to continuously refine our program to best meet the special needs of this particular age group. Our students are not “sandwiched” between a Lower School and a High School, but are the crowning part of our educational experience. 

Global Citizenship Day

 The Trinity capstone project, culminating with Global Citizenship Day, was created to help students learn the tremendous potential impact of their voices and actions. Their research and corresponding efforts to deeply immerse themselves in issues of global importance demonstrate how they can act on their responsibilities as upstanding citizens of the world.

Sixth and Eighth Grade students team up to raise awareness about significant challenges affecting people and environments across the globe. Students independently research issues and connect with experts in the field locally, nationally, and internationally. They collaborate to create visuals, public service announcements, mini-documentaries, websites, lesson plans, and magazines to educate and inform others. Their work culminates with a community showcase, in which they engage with one another, their teachers, other students, parents, and the invited public. 

Past topics selected by the students have included anti-bullying, child labor, endangered sea turtles, and PTSD. This work began as a joint English and Social Studies capstone project that grew into an interdisciplinary endeavor that incorporates all areas of the curriculum.