Lower School

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Elementary Education at Trinity

Trinity’s Lower School encompasses Grades One through Four, and is filled with children who are highly motivated and excited to become lifelong learners. Our community provides an ideal setting for each of our young students to build a solid foundation by placing a strong emphasis on the development of the whole child socially, emotionally, and academically. Our faculty ensures that each child is known and valued, and that each student can learn and grow in an academic setting where risk-taking is encouraged and mistakes are viewed as opportunities for growth. 

Throughout the Lower School years, children gain personal responsibility, empathy, and learn to respect multiple viewpoints. We pride ourselves on stimulating both minds and hearts.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

In the Lower School, we create an environment where each child is excited to come to school and see the new learning adventures that await them. Trinity students are taught to value the learning process and are provided with academic choice in their learning throughout each day. 

Our Lower School children are happily engaged as they are busy selecting writing topics based on individual interests, discovering new ways to tackle math concepts, or creating a plan for how they will present their knowledge on a favorite science or social studies theme. 

Student choice in learning provides our students with the opportunity to think deeply, articulate their thinking, and become expert problem solvers. Our dedicated faculty provides children with a warm, nurturing environment, and small group teaching is the norm. Through thoughtfully designed classroom communities and intentionally individualized curricula, children become ardent questioners, empathetic upstanders, and fluent communicators.