A Complete Education and Formation

The elementary years are the most formative educational period in a child's life. During these critical years, children develop foundational skills, find confidence in their learning process, and cement the building blocks of their character. Understanding this, we value our responsibility and our parents' trust by providing students with a multifaceted curriculum, grounded in research and best practices. 

Trinity's curriculum is designed to prepare each child intellectually, socially, and developmentally to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. With help from our dedicated and well-qualified faculty, students learn to become independent learners and develop their talents to the fullest degree possible. Trinity, by design, is a small school where students, teachers and administrators are known. Individualized and small group instruction is the norm. 

Les Enfants at Trinity

Les Enfants at Trinity is our Early Childhood program starting at 15 months, offering both full-day and half-day options for all age groups. Discover how our intentionally designed experiences tap into each child’s intrinsic curiosity, initiative, and motivation to explore the world and interact with his or her peers.


The Pink House at Trinity is the home of our Prekindergarten and Kindergarten programs. We strongly believe that play is a child’s work and is crucial to their social, intellectual, and emotional development. Explore how our students learn and play in a loving, child-centered atmosphere that incorporates a balance of structured and unstructured activities, child-directed and teacher-directed projects, and indoor and outdoor play.

Lower School

Trinity Lower School encompasses Grades One through Four and is grounded in an academic program centered on the belief that students learn best when they actively participate in the learning process. Discover how our skilled teachers encourage every student to think at a deeper level, articulate his or her thoughts, and develop problem-solving skills.

Middle School

Trinity's Middle School program (Grades Five through Eight) is specifically designed to address the unique needs of middle school students in an environment away from the pressures of a high school setting. Discover why our Middle School students thrive as they develop academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually at an age-appropriate pace.