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Trinity Episcopal School is an outgrowth of Miss Edith Aiken’s School. Founded in 1917, it became associated with Trinity Church in the fall of 1960, taking the name of Trinity Episcopal School. Miss Aiken served as Headmistress the first year, and the succeeding Heads of School have been The Reverend Thomas N. F. Shaw (1961-75), The Reverend Charles Rodney Smith (1975-76), Mr. George David Hardman, Jr. (1976-81), Mr. Edward Pickett Cavin (1981-94), Mr. Julian Patrick Bull (1994-2001), The Reverend Dr. Michael C. Kuhn (2001-2014), and The Reverend E. Gary Taylor (2014-present).

Management of the School is vested in a Board of Trustees consisting of the Rector of Trinity Church and 18 people elected by the Church congregation and the School’s Parents’ Group. Each trustee serves a three-year term, and the election of new trustees to fill vacancies occurs annually in May. The Head of School, the Senior Warden of the Vestry, and the Chancellor of the Church are ex-officio members of the Board.

Head Of School

Almost 100 years ago, an enterprising New Orleans woman named Edith Aiken opened her heart and her home to some children from Uptown and the Garden District to offer them an educational foundation unlike any other available at that time. Combining her passions for literature, song, and the dramatic arts, Miss Aiken fashioned a program that helped her students to find their voices, discover and develop their talents, and cultivate the habits of mind that would lead to success wherever their lives would lead.

Forty years later, in 1960, Trinity Episcopal Church brought Miss Aiken's Little School for Little Children to its current location on Jackson Avenue, careful to maintain the commitment to personally care for each child, nurturing them in their individuality in a safe, loving community that is so much more than just a place of academic excellence. Every high school in the city and many across the nation seek our graduates -- not only because of their exceptional academic preparation, but also because they arrive in high school with habits of diligence, perseverance, and self-advocacy.

Although Trinity Episcopal School has grown since its earliest days to a learning community of almost 500 students beginning at age 18 months in our Les Enfants Program through Grade Eight, we continue to be a school where relationships are paramount, where growth takes place in myriad ways both intellectual and personal, and where each child is empowered to become the best person he or she can be.

We invite you to investigate our website and come to know our school. Learn how our core values -- Gentle, Generous, Truthful, Kind, and Brave - speak of our dedication to nurturing good people, not merely good students. Discover how our commitment to children no older than Grade Eight helps our students grow up in an environment somewhat shielded from the pressures and temptations of high school and the world beyond. Explore how starting our days together in chapel serves to unite our purpose toward a perspective larger than self and expand the spirit while valuing and celebrating the variety of religious traditions present in our community.

If you are seeking a safe, caring, and challenging environment where your child can grow in mind, body, and soul, please contact our admissions office for a personal tour and conversation about what Trinity can offer your family. There is nothing like being on campus to experience the warmth and joy of our community and the stimulating opportunities enjoyed by our students every day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question. We look forward to expanding the dialogue between our family and yours.

With warmest wishes,

The Rev. E. Gary Taylor
Head of School

How It All Began

Trinity Episcopal School has its beginnings in Miss Edith Aiken's The Little School for Little Children, founded in 1917. Classes were conducted at her family home, Warwick Manor, located at 1223 Second Street in the Garden District. 
Miss Aiken believed in the goodness of people, the humanity of people, the godliness of people. She was a living embodiment of these ideals. Her students responded to her idealism and to her faith.
In 1958, Miss Aiken contacted Canon Turner at Trinity Church to suggest transferring her Little School to Trinity, which was four blocks away. Trinity Episcopal School opened its doors in 1960. Today, Trinity is a co-educational, Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade school of 384 students. The campus is located in the Garden District of New Orleans, encompassing four city-blocks in a residential neighborhood offering a pleasant and stimulating learning environment for its students and faculty. Trinity Episcopal School continues in the tradition of both Miss Aiken and that of Trinity Episcopal Church, which since its founding in 1847 has maintained a commitment to the educational and civic life of New Orleans.

Trinity's Statement Of Diversity & Inclusivity

In the fall of 2016, Trinity School reached an important milestone. The Board-appointed Diversity and Inclusion Committee finalized a new Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement for our School, a statement that has been approved by the Board of Trustees. It reads:
As a ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity School's ethos is to respect the dignity of every human being and to ensure that all people who serve and will be well-served by the programs of our School are welcome in our community regardless of race, religion, background, gender or sexual identity. 
We believe that a learning environment that includes a wide diversity of viewpoints consistent with the School's mission is essential to a complete educational experience.
It is part of Trinity’s mission to actively build and support an inclusive environment in which all feel they are valued members of our community.
Like our School Mission Statement, this statement does not represent a departure from the values for which Trinity has stood for more than sixty years. Instead, it clarifies and indeed emphasizes the School's primary convictions since its founding. Specifically,
We believe a commitment to inclusion is fundamental to our identity as a Christian school attempting to live out the Gospel that accords all humans the respect a child of God deserves.

We believe we are a better school if ours is a diverse community.

We believe it is not enough to open the doors to a wide variety of people, we must also do the hard work of ensuring that our community is one in which a wide variety of people can feel comfortable.

Trinity Episcopal School's mission is to build confident, resilient upstanders on a foundation of academic excellence, moral responsibility, and faith who are prepared to make a positive difference in the world.

The Four Commitments

  • TO FOCUS ON OUR MISSION – We will be intentional and articulate about how we are striving to achieve our Mission, advancing children toward our Portrait of the Graduate.

  • TO CREATE OPTIMAL CONDITIONS FOR LEARNING – We will offer a highly student-centric program, that is, one that is attuned to the individual student's experience and responsive to his or her needs.

  • TO ENHANCE PARTNERSHIPS WITH PARENTS THROUGH PERSONALIZED COMMUNICATION – We will proactively engage the parents as partners in our work and explore effective ways to communicate with them about the education and student experience at Trinity.

  • TO FOSTER A SCHOOL CULTURE OF KINDNESS AND COHESION – We will consistently model kindness and respect while building cohesion through meaningful collaboration between grade level teams and divisions.