School Life


The School Counseling Program at Trinity is a proactive, preventive program designed to give aid to those students who may be experiencing developmental, emotional, or situational difficulties. The goal of the counselor is to help the student work through any issues that may be present in order to ensure that the student will remain focused on schoolwork when in the classroom. Referrals may come from parents, teachers, or students themselves. The counselor uses individual counseling sessions as well as small groups to work with more common issues, such as social skills and issues surrounding children of divorce.

In addition to counseling students, the counselor is available to parents and teachers for consultation about behavioral, emotional, or social questions. In these situations, the counselor may provide advice, literature, offer to see the student, or refer the student to a professional outside of the school. Any and all work the counselor does with students and/or their families is confidential.

As part of the school-wide curriculum, the counselor also teaches Skills for Living classes covering a variety of developmentally appropriate social skills topics, including empathy, communication skills, treating others with respect, working together, resolving conflicts, digital citizenship, and character building.