Trinity's Audio Blog, Building Upstanders

Welcome to Trinity's audio blog page, Building Upstanders, where we present information about our curriculum, pedagogy, and education philosophy. Here, we provide interviews with experts in education and child development, both from our faculty and staff, as well as outside professionals. We aim to provide transparent and consistent communication, giving our community a more thorough and nuanced understanding of Trinity's programs and opportunities. Join us as we explore and celebrate the rich and diverse curriculum that helps our students succeed. 

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Taylor Beery '93, Alumni Upstander Award Winner Speech

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The Transition to Middle School

Responsive Classroom at Trinity

  Jessica Hof, M.D., helps navigate electronic and social media for parents of children ages Two— Seven.

Jessica Hof, M.D., helps navigate electronic and social media for Parents of Children Ages Eight-14.

Unraveling the Reading Process in the Pink House

What does it mean to be an Episcopal School