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The Trinity Experience

Chapel & Religious Studies

At Trinity Episcopal School, we stress the value of incorporating our beliefs into our day-to-day actions. As an Episcopal School, we are rooted in a tradition that welcomes all who come through our doors. We find importance in forming a lifestyle that takes time to look inwardly so that we may be prepared to meet the world’s needs with loving action and compassionate hearts. Trinity provides places for children to raise questions and discover the myriad of dimensions pertaining to spiritual life in God. We promote ecumenical dialogue and refrain from dictating the answers or narrowing the journey to one path, all while providing a safe place where children are comfortable introducing themselves to the many elements of religious life. Most importantly, we model what our world could look like as we meet each and every child with love.

Each day at Trinity Episcopal School begins with our morning Chapel for First through Eighth grade students. Chapel services are led by myself and include our headmaster, students, and a series of guest speakers that add additional viewpoints on various topics and issues. Chapel provides a time to come together as a community and sing, pray, and reflect on how God is working within our School, New Orleans, and our world. Our chapel services include a dedicated time of silence to help our community feel centered for the day ahead. Students and faculty are also encouraged to bring individual prayer requests to our daily services so that they may be heard and held by the community. In Les Enfants, Chapel is held every Thursday morning. Our Pink House (Pre-K through K) Chapel is held every Friday morning. We welcome family members to participate in both our big school (First through Eighth Grade) and Pink House Chapels.

Trinity’s religious studies classes are held for Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade students. Our Prekindergarten through First Grade religious studies classes experience our Godly Play curriculum. The emphasis for the Second through Fourth Grade religious studies classes is on the teaching of Judeo-Christian values, the stories of the Bible, and respect for each individual. In Middle School we continue the work we have started in Lower School by diving deeper into both the Old and New Testaments, the history of the Christian church, world religions, and ethics.

Trinity School serves its constituency by honoring its mission statement, reflecting on the Chapel experience, living the tenets of our school prayer by offering to be gentle, generous, truthful, kind, and brave, and learning ways to better serve our world by providing a religious curriculum that supplements the children’s core classwork.

In peace,

The Rev. Bobby “Mr. H” Hadzor
Chaplain & Religious Studies Teacher

Community Service

All grade levels participate in community service projects throughout the school year. Some are school-wide projects such as a book or clothing collection. Individual grades often integrate a service activity into their lessons. In Seventh and Eighth Grades, students may elect to participate in the Trinity Service Corps as their trimester elective.

In addition, Middle School students participate in service learning in a variety of ways. Advisory groups have a strong focus on service, and groups participate in both on-campus and off-campus projects. Eighth Grade students spearhead the learning component of service by researching and presenting frequent public service announcements in Chapel to help educate the community about issues and needs surrounding our service work.


The fine arts are considered an integral part of the curriculum, and they serve as a vehicle for self-expression and the development of individual interests and talents. The faculty strives to provide the opportunity for our students to see, think, wonder, and find their voice through the development of individual interests and talents.

Students in Preschool through Eighth Grade have classes in art and music as part of their regular curriculum; Fourth and Eighth Grade classes perform major musical productions each school year. Fifth Graders are introduced to chimes, and Middle Schoolers are introduced to handbells. In Fifth and Sixth Grades, students rotate through quarter classes in art, drama and music. In Seventh and Eighth Grades, students choose from a large variety of fine arts electives including ceramics, watercolor, painting, printmaking, drama, handbells, voice, stained glass, computer graphics, photography, and choir.


Physical education and athletics are an important part of the educational experience at Trinity. Beginning in Preschool, Trinity students regularly attend physical education classes, working with an experienced staff and receiving exposure to a wide variety of games and activities that promote healthy, active lifestyles while fostering personal growth and skill development. This program continues through Middle School, where our competitive sports program includes three seasons of interscholastic athletic opportunities for all students. Trinity’s athletic facilities, which include a gymnasium and large outdoor playing field, are well maintained and provide ample space for all students to enjoy a variety of fun, athletic-based, and educational activities.

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