Trinity Episcopal School has partnered with Inka’s Uniforms and Lands End to provide affordable, quality uniforms for our students in Les Enfants through Eighth Grade. Uniforms are required for students in Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade. Les Enfants uniforms are optional.

Pink uniform clothing is permitted in the Pink House for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students only. 

Trinity asks that parents take an active role in monitoring their child(ren)’s appearance. We believe our dress code is a reflection of the School’s mission, and the student experience is improved when the faculty does not need to spend significant time policing student dress issues. 

Additionally, TPG sponsors a gently used uniform exchange, which is free to parents and open during the school day. For questions or to make an appointment outside typical school hours, please email tpguniforms@gmail.com

For specific uniform guidelines, please refer to Trinity Episcopal School Uniform and Dress Code Policy in the 2022-2023 Handbook or email marketing@trinitynola.com