Portrait of a Trinity Graduate

Empathetic Upstander

A Trinity graduate learns how to become an empathetic upstander. This means our students accept the responsibility for improving life within the school, larger communities, and the world. Being an upstander allows our students to be empathetic to others around the world so they can be apart of something greater than themselves.  
I think it's important to be empathetic to others around the world in order to be apart of something greater than yourself.

Fluent Communicator

A Trinity graduate is a fluent communicator whose voice is clear, not only in spoken and written languages but also in the fine and performing arts. We teach our students to present their ideas clearly and work with them to get rid of any nerves associated with it. Our stage and theater programs are a great way for students to practice presenting, speaking clearly, conveying their thoughts and ideas in a real-world environment.
Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word before you let it fall.

Ardent Questioner

A Trinity graduate is an ardent questioner who sees things and wonders about the world around him or her. It’s important for our school to harness an open and free environment to encourage our students to ask interesting questions. Exploring beyond the boundaries of curriculum is the best way for students to develop the ardent questioner characteristic.
Every great invention begins with the big questions.

Reflective Person

A Trinity graduate is a reflective person who has the capacity for solemnity and a set of guiding principles stemming from daily chapel. Being able to reflect on oneself and others helps our students grow into a more thoughtful person.
What I like most about chapel is that I think about others and not just myself.

Collaborative Learner

A Trinity grad is a collaborative learner who seeks to discover, consider, and respect multiple viewpoints. We teach our students that collaboration is more than just working, building and exploring together. We teach them to know when to lead, know when to follow, and know when it’s best to work side-by-side to accomplish a common goal.
The world is collaborative, people work together, build together, and explore together to accomplish great things.