Trinity Titan Fund

Our Annual Fund

Our annual fund depends upon the participation of every member of our Trinity community—our supporters at Trinity Episcopal Church, our teachers and staff, our parents and grandparents, our alumni and friends, and other leaders in our community. The ongoing success of our annual fund has continued to further the excellence, nurturing and community that is Trinity Episcopal School.

The Trinity Titan Fund is the face of our annual fund. The Trinity Titan Fund is a family of funds that allows our loyal supporters to choose how their gifts are used to advance the mission of the school. Your support is critical to our work, and we want you, the donor, to decide how you want your gift to make a difference.

Choose How You Invest

The Trinity Titan Fund includes the following areas of interest, allowing you to choose how you want to invest:

  • Wherever Trinity Needs It Most
  • Athletics
  • Curriculum and Faculty Development
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Fine Arts
  • Technology
(Please understand that in the event that any of these priority areas becomes fully funded through Trinity Titan Fund contributions, we reserve the right to redistribute funds to underfunded areas of greatest need.)

Please consider making your gift to the Trinity Titan Fund. Your support has always made a difference, and we are grateful for the opportunity to focus your investment toward what is most important to you.