Investing In Your Child's Future 

Investing in a Trinity Episcopal School education will set your child on the path to reach their full potential as citizens, innovators, and future professionals. We know that the decision to enroll your child in Trinity is a major financial commitment for every family and represents a serious investment in your child’s future. Trinity Episcopal School's tuition includes classroom supplies, books, activities, iPads (Grades One–Four) or Macbook Airs (Grades Five–Eight), and all on-campus special events.  

Affording a Trinity Education

We appreciate that not every family can bear the full cost of a Trinity education. In keeping with the School’s mission, it is our goal that financial limitations should not prohibit any child from receiving a Trinity education. Every year, Trinity Episcopal School awards over $900,000 in need-based tuition assistance awards ranging from a few thousand dollars to 80% of tuition, depending on verified need. Awards are allocated to families with children in Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade.

Students must be accepted and committed to the School before a tuition award will be made. A family’s interest in tuition assistance is always treated with the strictest confidentiality. Please email Corrinne Mestayer, Chief Financial Officer, with any questions regarding tuition assistance. 

Learn More About Trinity Tuition Assistance

Tuition Payment Plans

Trinity Episcopal School partners with SmartAid for all tuition billing and collection. Various options for payment are offered:

  • Option 1 - pay in full July 1
  • Option 2 - pay 60% July 1, 40% January 1
  • Option 3 - pay quarterly starting July 1 with a $75 fee
  • Option 4 - pay 10 monthly installments starting July 1 with a $75 fee; required automated bank account withdrawal

Tuition Refund Plan

The Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) is an insurance program offered through A. W. G. Dewar, Inc. that provides families with tuition obligation coverage in the event of a student's withdrawal or dismissal from the school before the academic year is completed. Detailed information on what is covered by the plan can be found in their brochure or by contacting the Business Office.