The Eighth Grade Advantage

At Trinity, we strongly believe in the Early Childhood through Eighth Grade model. Choosing a school that ends in Eighth Grade provides your child with a unique set of advantages and opportunities. We believe it allows us the ability to focus exclusively on nurturing our students' academic, developmental, social, as well as emotional needs through these foundational years. 

Developing Confidence: 

At Trinity, children develop and build their confidence through an intentionally small, tight-knit, and supportive community where they are known and valued. Les Enfants and Trinity limit class sizes to 10-22 students. This allows teachers to intimately know every student’s individual academic and social strengths, as well as their challenges. As a result, students develop a high level of confidence which empowers them to take academic risks, try new activities, and grow into confident and engaged students.

Age-Appropriate Growth:

We believe children should grow and develop in an age-appropriate environment, away from the influences and pressures that radiate from a high school setting. Our students thrive in our safe, loving environment that allows them to enjoy their childhood as they transition and grow through Eighth Grade.

Stronger Academic Success:

As Trinity students matriculate through the School, our teachers ensure every child receives the support and challenges they need to continue their academic and developmental growth. Moreover, an increasing body of research addresses how attending a school culminating in Eighth Grade, directly benefits middle school aged students. Compared with adolescents (age 12-14) attending other school settings, students enrolled in a school ending in Eighth Grade perform at higher levels. Due to our students' sense of belonging, they report feeling safer at school and encountering less bullying and fighting among their peers.

 Choosing the Best High School for Each Child:

It might be hard to imagine now, but you will need to choose the best high school for your child's emotional, social, and academic needs in just a few years. Students attending the same school through Twelfth Grade will want to remain in their comfort zone, regardless of whether it's the best fit for them. Attending a school ending in Eighth Grade provides a natural transition for students and parents.

Class of 2024 High School acceptances

Learning how to Transition:

Learning how to adapt and manage change and a new environment are critical skill sets to develop. In the high school decision process, a student must take the time to understand themselves as learners, to help find their right fit and make the best decision for their future. Students, parents, and school work alongside each other in a supportive decision-making process. This empowers students later in life when they are making significant decisions, including college and career choices. 


Trinity is proud to exclusively focus on elementary aged students. Our intimate environment focusing on Early Childhood through Eighth Grade allows each child to be well-known by their peers, faculty, staff, and administration. We recognize that the middle school years are ones of great challenge and distinction, and we continually refine our program to best meet the special needs of this particular age group. Our students are not “sandwiched” between a lower school and a high school, but are the crowning part of our community experience. Trinity graduates are intellectually, socially, and developmentally prepared to succeed in high school and beyond.