Middle School


Many of us remember junior high—in essence a small version of high school. But years of study into brain research and young adolescence have shown that children in the ten to fourteen age group are not simply mini-high schoolers. Over the past twenty years, there has been a dramatic shift in middle school education—to accommodate students who are exactly that—not young children, but not young adults either. Trinity Middle School is a carefully designed four-year journey to prepare students for high school and beyond—academically, socially, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

Trinity recognizes that the middle school years are ones of great challenge and distinction. Students are becoming more independent and learning to bridge the span between childhood and adulthood. They are undergoing more extensive physical, mental, social, moral, and emotional changes than possibly at any other time in their lives. Attitudes and values developed during these years can largely determine their later behavior. The community as a whole is their classroom. Trinity Middle School strives to continuously refine our program to best meet the special needs of this particular age group. Our students are not “sandwiched” between a lower school and a high school, but are the crowning part of our community experience. They receive the balance of challenge and nurture that our philosophy embraces.

Trinity prides itself on providing a premier Middle School experience. As a Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade program, we focus on the special needs of middle school age children away from the pressures of a high school setting. Our goal is to prepare students in a highly challenging, nurturing and supportive environment.  Multisensory, brain-based interdisciplinary teaching is the norm. We strive daily to live out our mission of challenging the intellect of young adolescents within a safe and nurturing academic environment, nourishing the spirit through daily Chapel and placing character development as a top goal, and celebrating community through activities that are totally created with the needs of adolescents in mind; all constantly supported by mentoring and the guiding hands of professional educators and supportive families.  
Warm Regards,

Beckye Taylor
Head of Middle School