Trinity Episcopal School is an outgrowth of Miss Edith Aiken’s School. Founded in 1917, it became associated with Trinity Church in the fall of 1960, taking the name of Trinity Episcopal School. Miss Aiken served as Headmistress the first year, and the succeeding Heads of School have been The Reverend Thomas N. F. Shaw (1961-75), The Reverend Charles Rodney Smith (1975-76), Mr. George David Hardman, Jr. (1976-81), Mr. Edward Pickett Cavin (1981-94), Mr. Julian Patrick Bull (1994-2001), The Reverend Dr. Michael C. Kuhn (2001-2014), and The Reverend E. Gary Taylor (2014-present).

Management of the School is vested in a Board of Trustees consisting of the Rector of Trinity Church and 18 people elected by the Church congregation and the School’s Parents’ Group. Each trustee serves a three-year term, and the election of new trustees to fill vacancies occurs annually in May. The Head of School, the Senior Warden of the Vestry, and the Chancellor of the Church are ex-officio members of the Board.