How It All Began

Trinity Episcopal School has its beginnings in Miss Edith Aiken's The Little School for Little Children, founded in 1917. Classes were conducted at her family home, Warwick Manor, located at 1223 Second Street in the Garden District. 
Miss Aiken believed in the goodness of people, the humanity of people, the godliness of people. She was a living embodiment of these ideals. Her students responded to her idealism and to her faith.
In 1958, Miss Aiken contacted Canon Turner at Trinity Church to suggest transferring her Little School to Trinity, which was four blocks away. Trinity Episcopal School opened its doors in 1960. Today, Trinity is a co-educational, Prekindergarten through Eighth Grade school of 384 students. The campus is located in the Garden District of New Orleans, encompassing four city-blocks in a residential neighborhood offering a pleasant and stimulating learning environment for its students and faculty. Trinity Episcopal School continues in the tradition of both Miss Aiken and that of Trinity Episcopal Church, which since its founding in 1847 has maintained a commitment to the educational and civic life of New Orleans.