Diversity & Inclusivity


In the fall of 2016, Trinity School reached an important milestone. The Board-appointed Diversity and Inclusion Committee finalized a new Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement for our School, a statement that has been approved by the Board of Trustees. It reads:
As a ministry of Trinity Episcopal Church, Trinity School's ethos is to respect the dignity of every human being and to ensure that all people who serve and will be well-served by the programs of our School are welcome in our community regardless of race, religion, background, gender or sexual identity. 
We believe that a learning environment that includes a wide diversity of viewpoints consistent with the School's mission is essential to a complete educational experience.
It is part of Trinity’s mission to actively build and support an inclusive environment in which all feel they are valued members of our community.
Like our School Mission Statement, this statement does not represent a departure from the values for which Trinity has stood for more than sixty years. Instead, it clarifies and indeed emphasizes the School's primary convictions since its founding. Specifically,
We believe a commitment to inclusion is fundamental to our identity as a Christian school attempting to live out the Gospel that accords all humans the respect a child of God deserves.

We believe we are a better school if ours is a diverse community.

We believe it is not enough to open the doors to a wide variety of people, we must also do the hard work of ensuring that our community is one in which a wide variety of people can feel comfortable.

Find a copy of Trinity's Statement of Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion here