Welcome to Our School Community

For more than 60 years, Trinity Episcopal School has excelled as one of the finest communities of learning and growth in New Orleans. Our outstanding faculty and peerless academic program are well-known and prepare our graduates superbly not only for high school but for the rest of their lives as collaborative learners, fluent communicators, and ardent questioners.

But a Trinity education is about much more than just developing exceptional intellectual competence. Our higher priority is on what we call “Building Upstanders.”  An upstander is someone driven to stand up for what he or she knows is right, even when it is hard. We know our graduates will be the leaders of tomorrow, and we aspire to make the world a better place by ensuring those leaders are empathetic, reflective, and compassionate. Forming good human beings is our holy work.

We achieve this lofty aim in at least three ways. First, Trinity is intentionally small. We know our children very well and have close relationships with them and their families that allow us to find the unique keys to unlock each child’s potential and walk closely with him or her on the journey of growing up. Second, Trinity ends in Eighth Grade which results in a safer, more child-focused environment in which the children’s role models are not high schoolers. Our Middle Schoolers feel a sense of leadership and responsibility for the community. Third, we are an Episcopal school, which allows us to locate our ethos of “Gentle, Generous, Truthful, Kind, and Brave” in a 2000-year-old context of faith that does not impress or expect any particular religious beliefs but finds  comfort and power in the conviction that all people are God’s children, and so all are deserving of our care  and respect.

Ours is simply a wonderful community, and the ideal environment in which a child can grow to become his or her best self. I hope you will find in our website more indications that Trinity is right for your child and   your family. We would welcome the chance to speak with you.

The Reverend E. Gary Taylor 
Head of School